R.O. Blechman

Introduction by Steven Heller

190 x 125 cm vertical
144 pages - paperback

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ISBN : 978-2-85107-252-8

Poche Illustrateur

Blechman projects youthful skepticism and sardonic sarcasm in almost all his work. It is routinely more optimistic – indeed more joyous – than the rueful skepticism and sarcasm of those who’ve become too world-weary. Blechman’s work, no matter how caustic, never feels like he (or we) are resigned to the fates that befall us. Even his most inherently heart-wrenching themes, including commentaries on crime and violence (see his strip titled “Saturday Night Special”) do not depress.

Blechman’s goal has always been to subvert the commonplace. In the manner of a court jester, he attacks real absurdity with comic absurdity. He disarms the viewer, and then, like a victorious army, occupies their senses. He is not a burlesque comic. He is not interested in making people laugh at mere diversions; his focus is on creating fresh and provocative statements. He once told me he’d rather make the equally absurdist cartoonist George Booth laugh, than anything else. I know for a fact that he’s succeeded at that . . . and much more.

R.O. Blechman is like Steinberg and André François, one of these artistes that make honorable a profession that is often underestimated by art critics.





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